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Search Engine Marketing

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a powerful advertising channel for quickly reaching prospects in specific demographics online. emfluence's PPC advertising utilizes keyword strategy and automated bidding technologies to make sure that your ads appear in front of the right target audience, at the right time. PPC advertising campaigns by emfluence are built to ensure that your budget isn’t wasted on those who have no interest in your product or service.

  • Display advertising is the ideal advertising channel for marketers who need to build a strong brand presence and increase consumer awareness with their brand.  In contrast to text pay-per-click advertising, which accrues spend when a user clicks on your ad, the majority of display advertising is based on impressions. Success in a display advertising campaign is typically measured by how many users were exposed to or interacted with your brand.

  • Did you know that between 85% and 90% of all website traffic comes from search engines and directories? A search engine listing can provide a traffic boost to any company – big or small. However, simply being listed on a search engine doesn’t guarantee that people will find you. By coupling SEO best practices with advanced marketing strategies, we give search engines what they need to rank your site more highly than the competition.

  • The first impression can often become the last impression. How are customers viewing your company online, and what are they seeing when they find you? Is your company’s marketing content consistent across the web, or are your customers receiving conflicting information? When customers review your company, what are they saying about your product or service? These are questions that a marketer should be asking when diving into Local Search Engine Optimization.

  • When talking about Search Engine Optimization, one of its most defining characteristics is its ever-changing nature. It’s said that the most consistent aspect of SEO is its inconsistency. It takes a full-time staff to analyze the landscape of SEO, and that’s exactly what emfluence has.

  • Search Engine Optimization has proved to be a crucial part of any online marketing strategy.  Search engines are the primary tool people use to find brands on the Internet. How, then, can a company expect to attract new customers without a strong foothold on search engines? Without a proper SEO strategy, brands run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle and fading into Internet obscurity.  It takes a skilled and expertly trained staff to fully manage SEO, as it is an ever-changing science that can take years to fully understand.