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Retail & Ecommerce Marketing

The combined expertise of our digital marketing experts along with our robust and agile Marketing Platform makes emfluence the perfect partner for any retailer trying to grow their online brand presence and increase ecommerce sales. Like you, we measure our success by the numbers: Track. Measure. Improve.

In today’s retail industry, success hinges on developing and implementing digital strategies that fuel sustainable growth. Our award winning strategists and production team partner with your brand to achieve new customer acquisition and build long-term customer advocacy. We build beautiful, mobile-responsive websites in robust ecommerce platforms. Social media, email, organic and paid search are the channels we use to drive traffic to our sites. Our expertise in ecommerce conversion moves that traffic into the purchase funnel. It's what we do. 

emfluence has a long history of working with retailers in a of myriad industries to increase their marketing ROI and generate customer loyalty. In essence, we help you turn prospective shoppers into brand advocates.

So what's at the top of your marketing plan?  

Increase online sales
Not only should your ecommerce website be attractive, but it should be intuitive to navigate. emfluence’s team of experts will implement analytics tracking software to determine your online shopper behaviors, and make strategic recommendations on how to improve the user experience, ultimately decreasing the number of clicks it takes to make a purchase. SEO, paid search, email and social media strategists will create and deploy robust campaigns to drive prospective buyers to your site, while automated abandoned cart campaigns will convert potentially lost sales.  

Contact us if your website would benefit from a UX/SEO assessment. 

Optimize your marketing campaigns for mobile
Mobile-friendly is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Shoppers are increasingly browsing, comparing, and purchasing online, so your brand should be right there waiting for them. Tapping the strengths of digital technology, we create and deploy mobile friendly websites, ads in mobile display networks, and create a strong brand presence in the right social media channels. By tracking and measuring your customers’ device usage, we can put your brand at their fingertips, literally.

Promotional offers
We’re experienced at leveraging text messaging, email, and social media channels to bring a steady flow of new and returning customers through your door.  It’s about sending the right message at the right time in the right place.  emfluence creates engaging, targeted, and most importantly trackable, promotional campaigns to bring both you and your customers exactly what they want.  Then we show you the ROI.

emfluence offers 

  • Award winning strategists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Project management
  • Ecommerce custom web development solutions
  • Organic search analysis and strategy
  • Paid search services
  • A robust marketing automation platform
  • Social media management
  • Content management 
  • Design services