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Industrial, Manufacturing & Transporation Marketing

At emfluence, we think that your online marketing should be as robust, automated, and efficient as your production line. We leverage the tools in our digital arsenal to bring you data-driven strategy, lower your customer acquisition costs, and ultimately, bring you the results that you expect from an agency partner.

emfluence has a long, successful history working with B2B brands. Transportation logistics, heavy machinery distribution, and manufacturing are the services many of our clients provide. They come to us because we understand their need to increase brand awareness, automate long term lead-nurturing campaigns, and optimize website conversions.

Success in industrial and manufacturing marketing is fueled by consistent and sustainable growth, which can only be achieved by generating brand awareness as an industry thought leader, capturing prospects’ information early, and optimizing the process in which a prospect becomes a customer. SEO, PPC, mobile-friendly web development, CRM database integration, and email are the ways we provide results for our clients.

So what's at the top of your marketing plan? 

Increase your online presence
In addition to building beautiful, mobile-friendly websites, we can bring more qualified leads to your site by optimizing the code and content of every page to increase your search engine rankings. We use SEO, PPC, email, social media, and great content strategy to place you in the top tier of leaders for your industry. Our experts work with you to develop strategies to reach every audience, on every online channel, all the while tracking and improving upon the performance indicators that are most important to your end goal.

Automate your lead generation process
The experts at emfluence will develop targeted landing pages to bring you the most qualified (and profitable) prospective customers.  Forms on these pages automatically feed lead information to both your CRM and the emfluence Marketing Platform, where they’ll be funneled through a series of nurture emails. Engaging prospects quickly with relevant, personalized information keeps the potential customer engaged and puts your brand top-of-mind throughout the buying cycle.

Generate great content
Great content is about more than just good copywriting. The content in your website, emails, social media, and paid search channels has to be relevant and engaging to both human visitors and search engine bots if you want to capture prospects from the research phase all the way to the purchasing (and ultimately, advocate) phase of their buying funnel. emfluence can provide content strategy, production, and deployment of quality content across your marketing channels. We work with you to get to know your customers' needs and your team's sales cycle to produce effective content to get your brand recognized as an industry thought leader. 

emfluence offers 

  • Award winning strategists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Project management
  • Organic search analysis and strategy
  • Paid search services
  • A robust marketing automation platform
  • Content management 
  • Design services