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Nazdar SourceOne Increases Conversions with Paid/Organic Search Combo

Client Contact:

Jeff Paulic
eCommerce Manager
About Nazdar Source One: 
With a network of 17 locations, Nazdar SourceOne delivers localized inventory, superior customer service and expert technical support to graphic, textile and industrial printers across the US. A large eCommerce company, Nazdar SourceOne offers over 1000 product variants online, from digital ink up to industrial printing systems.
When Nazdar SourceOne approached emfluence, they had just launched an exciting new ecomm website. Partnering with their team, emfluence began optimizing the site for organic search while implementing a dynamic paid search campaign to strategically match products with hard-to-reach customers.
emfluence began with a search assessment to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. The search assessment determined sitewide meta data updates were required as well as a domain redirect and 302 redirect fixes. The paid search strategy was reworked and implemented with quick effectiveness. Additional content was added on all site category pages to improve conversion rates while creating a product data feed to expand search presence. Tactics were implemented to increase search presence and own targeted Google search engine results. For current Nazdar SourceOne customers, improved search presence improved usability on the site. New customers were introduced to targeted paid search ads paired with dynamically created shopping ads and organic search keywords to maximize visibility.
Our initial goals in partnering with Emfluence were to get access to online metrics and to manage our PPC campaigns. In that time they have helped us access a new world of valuable marketing data and turned our PPC campaigns into profit making machines. We’ve seen results since Day 1 and the results continue to build on themselves month after month.
The Challenge: 
  • For Nazdar SourceOne to gain maximum visibility for carried products and monthly specials, a dynamic advertising strategy was necessary.
  • Fix site relaunch technical limitations and implement strategic keywords so the site would appear for specific product keywords and broad match terms.
  • Unclear conversion pathways and very little tracking on the site limited Nazdar SourceOne's ability to increase ecomm sales.
  • The new site was built in DNN, a great system but with significant SEO hurdles.
The Solution: 
  • Paired organic and paid search strategy by keyword optimization and the creation of a product data feed that allowed for dynamic search ad campaigns and Google Shopping implementation.
  • emfluence was able to recommend and implement fixes that opened pages for keyword ranking and increased traffic to the site.
  • emfluence reconfigured Google Analytics e-commerce and implemented Google Tag Manager for quick goal implementation.
  • Customer ID tracking was added to pair high value keywords and clients and made available to the NazDar SourceOne team via a custom reporting dashboard.
The Results: 
  • Over a 12 month period, paid search revenue increased by 199.75%, return on advertising spend by 283%, and e-commerce transactions by 73.71%. Paid search is now a primary driver of eCommerce revenue for Nazdar SourceOne, with a minimal spend.
  • Organic search traffic increased by 18.02%, new users by 31.29%, and paid search clickthrough rate increased by 103%.
  • Increased paid search e-commerce conversion rate by 26.77% and sitewide e-commerce conversion rate to over 5%. The increase in conversion rate has assisted in meeting Nazdar SourceOne's 2016 eCommerce goals.

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