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Search Engine Optimization…yes, it might sound daunting and intimidating, but did you know there are a few quick and easy ways you can improve your site’s SEO?  Today, we are going to get crafty by sharing some do it yourself optimizing. Let’s begin!

Yesterday, a few members of the emfluence crew took a trip out to KC Pet Project to volunteer at their no-kill shelter. The basement of KC Pet Project houses all of the donations (food, toys, medical supplies, cleaning supplies), and is overseen by a very sweet woman named Mary. Mary works diligently to keep all the donation areas clean and navigable, and the emfluence crew was happy to help her with some of the projects that required more heavy lifting.

If you’re a web development agency like us, hosting a growing number of clients in the cloud, you may sometimes feel like this guy with the balls in the 

It’s been quite a year for emfluence in the award category! We won a total of 15 awards this year, 13 of them were from the KCDMA AMBIT awards, and 2 were SMCKC AMPS awards. The AMBIT awards are judged on measurable goals and results with the AMPS awards being judged by social media professionals. 

2015 Awards: Ambit:

Not too long ago (a decade or so), being in SEO meant figuring out the best “link farms” to submit your site to as well as trying to load each of your pages with as many keywords as possible. While some of these strategies are still around, they are usually not recommended. Keywords still play a very important part in your SEO strategy and, of course, having the right links to and from your site is critical, but not in the way it used to be. It is no longer about trying to trick search engines into finding your site, but rather informing them on why your site is the best.

heatmap analysis

Customer acquisition is only a small piece of your audience’s marketing journey. Oftentimes, marketing efforts are successful in bringing customers onto a website, but your website isn’t grabbing the baton when it’s time to finish the race. This is where an oftentimes overlooked piece of digital marketing comes in, conversion optimization. Many people know the phrase, but believe this part of strategy can only be accessed by user experience pros.

It’s time we take the veil off of conversion optimization. Here are 5 useful tips to use during your website relaunch.

Over the last year, I’ve attended a few banking conferences and a hot topic that’s often brought up is the future of the bank branch. In a recent survey performed by Javelin Strategy and Research, 23% of consumers said they prefer to bank online over the in-branch experience. 40% of millennials would consider banking without a branch, according to Accenture. While banks have responded to the growing demand for online banking preferences, such as mobile deposit, the big question is what is to become of branch banking?

Spark is a PHP micro-framework that follows the Action-Domain-Responder (ADR) system. It is PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-4 and PSR-7 compliant. Spark allows a developer to fairly quickly create a RESTful API as you'll see in this article.

In this article, we'll be using Composer to install Spark and other dependencies.

Initial Setup

Using Composer, pull down the Spark project using the following command. This will pull the latest version of the project from Github and place it into a new folder called 'spark-project'.


With Techweek concluding recently, here is a run-down on some cool tools you can use for your business with helpful advice from Techweek speakers.

Sumo Rank image

Buzzsumo, a content research platform, recently released a new feature in their arsenal of content measurement called SumoRank. This new addition aims to fill a gap in content research by allowing you to search your own company Facebook page. 

A key part of any brand is consistency. We regularly work with brands to help ensure their voice, image, and communication mediums are reliable. The key to consistency is standards - easy to find, understand, and follow. If you don’t keep it simple, you’re bound for failure. That’s why an early part of any web development project should be establish the style guide for your project.

On September 1st, Google made an interesting statement regarding websites that showcase annoying lightboxes urging users to install the mobile app version of the site (ie. every news site). This has been teased for a while now in the SEO community, but seems the threat has finally come to light.

KC Skyline for Instagram

Instagram recently issued an update on their picture sharing capabilities saying that you will now be able to change the formatting of your pictures and videos!

Amazon Web Services console dashboard

Are you an all day every day user of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) management console? Do you represent a number of clients, each with their own AWS assets and separate AWS accounts? Do you find yourself managing dozens of AWS account credentials and juggling logins just to make small changes throughout your day? Are you tired of jumping through hoops before you can even start your work?

Roasterie One-Page Checkout

You got your customer to your site, helped them find what they were looking for, and now they’re ready to order. Nice work!

Digital Analytics Dashboard

In this age of data, endless supplies of information can be accessed with just a click of a button. But most of us have no idea what to do with all of the information available. One area confusing marketers is how to grab actionable insights from our site data. Whether you are a Google Analytics pro or novice, we all know that surfing through analytics can be difficult. Let’s do a quick test of our Google Analytics prowess:

How time logs can save you money

An interesting email arrived the other day that has caused me to rethink how I document the work we do for clients.

From: emfluence Accounting

To: Me

Just received this from [our client’s controller]. We will need to make changes to the invoice descriptions…

Ok, sometimes clients want more details. Normally, the project and ticket names are enough, but there are some clients who want more. No problem - let’s check who it is, and what kind of details they are after.

Infographic Creation Tools

At the intersection of relevance and creativity, it is easy to get frustrated with how much work can be involved in creating compelling visual content. Fortunately, there are tools to help alleviate some of your stress and provide you with high quality content all at once! Below, you will find a list of my top 5 tools for creating infographics (although there are many more out there) and the ways that each of them varies. Each of them has something special to offer with increasing features and involvement as you go down the list.

Using Email to Drive Social Interactions

Brands too often forget the importance of using their email audience to drive social interactions. Just putting share buttons on your blog, or promoting individual blog posts via social media isn’t enough. By sending targeted email campaigns that feature content from your website, you’re more likely to see a spike in shares, especially if you include share options within the email itself.

For example, this is a graph of social shares from a client’s website. Can you guess which day the email was sent?


What is it?

Google Analytics launched November of 2005 and yet, there are still so many misconceptions about what it is. Is it a giant analytics monster that constantly bombards you with numbers and charts? Or, is it a friendly guide to help you in your quest for finding the elusive conversions. The short answer is: a little of both. Fortunately, there are varying levels of Google Analytics to get acquainted with before getting thrown in the deep end of the analytical pool. For now, let’s just dip our toes in, shall we?

5 Best Practices for Pinterest Paid Pins

Pinterest is upping their ROI game to attract more marketers (and money) to their platform. Brands have already been playing with Paid Pins and now, we are seeing the Buyable Pins working their way into user feeds. With the paid pin campaigns I have done with clients so far, we have found a good deal of success with clicks and engagement at a relatively low cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per click (CPC).

Speed Up Your Content Creation Process with Rev Recorder

Here's how to implement an effective content strategy solution for the busy content creator!

We all know content is the key building block to a successful web presence. Your users want to enjoy good quality content created with the reader in mind. There are many content strategy methods. Some you might have heard of include the skyscraper method, the cluster method, and drip down strategy. These strategies are all very effective when trying to create an effective blog. The toughest part, however, is planning the time to write your initial content!

Get Audited And Like It (How To Audit Your Marketing)

The IRS audits an astonishingly low number of people – about 1% (Kiplinger, March 2015). Still, the word ‘audit’ makes hearts race and hands sweat. But there’s some good news. It’s not all about the IRS.

Minion amazon boxes_Why Marketers Should Think More Like Minions

I, like much of the world, fell in love with the Minions in the Despicable Me movies, and my adoration for them has compounded. I have Minion plush, a Minion phone case, and I was even a Minion for Halloween (see picture below). My anticipation is at an all-time high to see the Minions movie, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write about the genius behind this cute concept. Here are some lessons that marketers can gleam from these adorable yellow dudes:

Automatic Image Optimization Tips

We’re all about improvement here at emfluence. Anything we can track, improve, and celebrate gets us a little giddy. Things we can track, but cannot improve, not so much... So, when I updated the look of the emfluence blog recently with some small tweaks, I thought it would be a good time to verify that what I had done helped performance (or at least didn’t hurt it). Enter Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Sizing Photos For Facebook

Take My Picture!

Image is everything. Your hard work, your history, and your reputation are stored in the images you share in traditional and digital media formats. Traditional media has rules and regulations for sizing and clarity to ensure your image comes out exactly the way you want it. The digital environment also has rules. But the difference between the two is that, in the digital world, the rules change – frequently!

Creating effective video ads for facebook

As with any PPC/Display advertising campaign, there are no magic bullets to guarantee success. The best ad-campaigns are crafted through strategic audience targeting, identifying KPIs and objectives up front and tracking/testing performance analytics. 

These are the keys to effectively *tweak* social marketing campaigns to see favorable results. Creating a successful video ad campaign is, in many ways, an even loftier task than a traditional static image ad. But the pay-off in audience engagement and viewership is well worth the creative commitment to video. 

The Case For Social Video - Part II: Why Video Needs to Be Part Of Your Social Mix

In part of one of this three-part series about social video ads, I reviewed the social media industry’s shift towards promoted video ads. The focus was specifically on Facebook, as they continue to emphasize native video content recently announced ANTHOLOGY, their in-house publishing and production shop for advertisers.

The Case for Social Video - Part I: Digital's New 'Visual Language'

Facebook and other leading Social Platforms have been placing an increased focus on what’s known as the “Visual Language.” This digital content phenomenon has grown rapidly on a global scale and is comprised of variety of different mediums, including: GIFs, emojis, and other forms of shareable photos and video. Specific to video, in 2014, 76% of Americans who use Facebook report that is the primary platform where they are discovering video content.1

Monday morning, the emfluence team welcomed an entire new team to the office. The Spiral16 team is joining emfluence and moved from their Overland Park, KS, office to emfluence’s downtown Kansas City, MO, headquarters.


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