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Here at emfluence, we're all about hard work and producing award-winning campaigns for our clients. The relationships we build with our wonderful clients make us proud to be part of such a great Kansas City community! But when we aren't working, we love to get involved with our communities and live life to the fullest. In the second edition of our Emstagrams series, we are featuring our Platform Solutions Specialist, Sara Theurer!

If you are a digital marketer, then odds are that you touch content production in one way or another. That also means that you're well aware of the myriad of tools out there that can help streamline development and help you produce like a pro. This post highlights a few of my favorite "content things" that I use on a daily basis to improve and streamline the production process.

You can blog and publish content regularly. However, if your site content isn’t converting your website/blog readers into actual contacts – then what’s the point or value behind it? Every marketer inevitably hits a content wall and bandwidth restrictions to keep churning out blog posts, social posts, infographics, videos, podcasts...you name it. The key is to keep the content and conversion wheels in motion, even while you’re not at the actual wheel creating it.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, a long time fixture in National Barbeque Capital Kansas City, has come a long way from it’s humble roots in a neighborhood corner gas station. Joe’s has turned into a famous spot for BBQ aficionados, celebrities and fans alike. With their growth, Joe’s Kansas City recognized that their brand was underserving one large area of their growing fandom: the internet. In early 2016, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que tapped Kansas City-based digital agency, emfluence, to bring Send Joes KC BBQ to life online.

It's that special time of year when email and digital marketing enthusiasts gather in Kansas City for smart strategy and new features in the emfluence Marketing Platform: the emfluence Digital Marketing Conference! We're back at the snazzy Gallery event space for another year of best practices, feature announcements and of course, user feedback.

Here at emfluence we are all about hard work and producing award-winning campaigns for our clients. The relationships we build with our wonderful clients make us proud to be able to be part of such a great Kansas City community. When we aren't working however, we love to get involved with our communities and live life to the fullest. To show a little bit more of our personal sides we are starting a series called Emstagrams so you can get to know the people behind the brand.

We're currently in the midst of a social arms race around live video streaming integrations and roll-outs across Facebook, Twitter, and other major social players. Live video streaming, amongst other next-generation Web innovations like virtual reality headsets, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other wearable technology, all make up what many digital experts and Web data scientists like John Markoff and Tim O'Reilly experts have already dubbed “Web 3.0.” Web 3.0 can be summarized as the "connective intelligence and learning of all Web users and devices – or all of your things talking to the other things about all of the things."

The 2016 KCDMA AMBIT's Award show was a great night for the emfluence team and our wonderful clients! This year, the gala was held at the Overland Park Convention Center and was themed with Broadway musicals. Our team selected the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" because...why not, it's important to have a little fun when celebrating all that hard work! 

Today Instagram announced that it will be lifting its previous 15-second cap on video capabilities in favor of the new 60-second format. For a long time brands have been confined into figuring out ways to share their message on the creative social media giant in a 15-second format. With 4x that amount now available, brands have more time to get inventive but why the big change all of a sudden?

Boaty McBoatface sounds like something a kindergartner would say, or it may remind us of Theodore Tugboat, but it probably shouldn’t be the name of the $300 million dollar research vessel. As the latest instance of the internet getting the best of an advertising campaign, Boaty McBoatface takes the stage as one of many well-planned engagement campaigns that had an unplanned outcome.

On any given day we are exposed to a multitude of advertisements every minute of every hour of every day. Whether you are hearing an ad from your music streaming service or scrolling through your newsfeed, chances are you saw at least a few ads in that short interaction. Because of the amount of advertisements we are bombarded with, breaking through the clutter is now more important than ever before. Brands from many different services and industries are finding new and innovative ways to combat the noise to get their message in front of the appropriate audience.

How the Zero Moment of Truth Paradigm is Shifting to Micro-Moments

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Audience Optimization Tool

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to work on a few different website projects that all engage with different and unique industries. As different and unique as each of these projects were, the one thing that remained constant was the need for a simpler, more condensed navigation menu. Some of these projects had massive navigational menus with multiple sub-menus and even a sub-sub menu (don’t ever go sub-sub, that’s just too far). Regardless of the size of the current menu, the challenge was the same.

As a marketer, you've been hit over the head with the value and importance of a well-rounded content strategy for a few years.  It's the topic of conversation because it's one of the most critical pieces of a sound inbound marketing strategy. In Digital Marketing, it's an arms race to get eyeballs and no matter what your weapon of choice you're going to need ammo, and there's no cheat code for unlimited ammunition (if there IS a cheat code, drop me a line). Suffice it to say, having to reload your content comes with the territory.

Bon Voyage Lance

Today is bittersweet for us at emfluence: One of our own is pursuing a wonderful opportunity. That happens to also mean that he won’t be working at emfluence. Today we say goodbye to Lance!

It’s been a year full of knowledge on our emfluence blog page where we covered everything from Email send best practices to Minions! If you missed some of our top posts from this year now is your chance to get caught up. Below you will find a quick recap of our top 10 ranked blog posts of the year and links to the original articles, enjoy!

When we talk about landing pages in digital marketing, it’s usually from an SEO perspective – which page did people land on first when they arrived at your website? Ideally this is the page that most closely matches what the consumer is looking for, so that their path to conversion is as short as possible. If you’re a retailer, you want consumers to land on the product order page within one or a few clicks. If you’re a thought leader in your industry, you’re probably sending out links to your news articles or blog posts so consumers can quickly engage with relevant content.

If you’re like me, and check Instagram a few (hundred) times a day, you have probably noticed that your feed has included a lot more “Sponsored” posts, aka “ads,” recently. That’s because, in September 2015, Instagram gave access to all brands to advertise on their platform, opening up a new way for companies to engage in the social space. Its no longer just a way to build a brand by having a profile; it now allows brands to push products and promote themselves to just about anyone.

A coworker came across an excellent article by Ben Nadel called The User Experience of Pagination [http://www.bennadel.com/blog/2951-the-user-experience-ux-of-pagination.htm] that got us wanting to dive deeper into the subject of pagination and really take a practical look at determining how you present data.

I’m writing this blog post because I just can’t hold in my excitement. Let’s Encrypt has just entered public beta! Read on for technical details.

Emfluence relaunched an awesome Magento theme update for our client Instore Design Display last week, and this got me thinking about the do's and don't of redirects. I started to list a few how-to's when I realized that this would be much more fun with a theme. Since redirecting and canonicalizing can ruin an otherwise successful site relaunch, what better theme than the 10 Commandments?

No matter what your situation is, no matter how large or small your company is, viewing the big picture is key to creating an all encompassing content strategy.

Search Engine Optimization…yes, it might sound daunting and intimidating, but did you know there are a few quick and easy ways you can improve your site’s SEO?  Today, we are going to get crafty by sharing some do it yourself optimizing. Let’s begin!

Yesterday, a few members of the emfluence crew took a trip out to KC Pet Project to volunteer at their no-kill shelter. The basement of KC Pet Project houses all of the donations (food, toys, medical supplies, cleaning supplies), and is overseen by a very sweet woman named Mary. Mary works diligently to keep all the donation areas clean and navigable, and the emfluence crew was happy to help her with some of the projects that required more heavy lifting.

If you’re a web development agency like us, hosting a growing number of clients in the cloud, you may sometimes feel like this guy with the balls in the 

It’s been quite a year for emfluence in the award category! We won a total of 15 awards this year, 13 of them were from the KCDMA AMBIT awards, and 2 were SMCKC AMPS awards. The AMBIT awards are judged on measurable goals and results with the AMPS awards being judged by social media professionals. 

2015 Awards: Ambit:

Not too long ago (a decade or so), being in SEO meant figuring out the best “link farms” to submit your site to as well as trying to load each of your pages with as many keywords as possible. While some of these strategies are still around, they are usually not recommended. Keywords still play a very important part in your SEO strategy and, of course, having the right links to and from your site is critical, but not in the way it used to be. It is no longer about trying to trick search engines into finding your site, but rather informing them on why your site is the best.

heatmap analysis

Customer acquisition is only a small piece of your audience’s marketing journey. Oftentimes, marketing efforts are successful in bringing customers onto a website, but your website isn’t grabbing the baton when it’s time to finish the race. This is where an oftentimes overlooked piece of digital marketing comes in, conversion optimization. Many people know the phrase, but believe this part of strategy can only be accessed by user experience pros.

It’s time we take the veil off of conversion optimization. Here are 5 useful tips to use during your website relaunch.

Over the last year, I’ve attended a few banking conferences and a hot topic that’s often brought up is the future of the bank branch. In a recent survey performed by Javelin Strategy and Research, 23% of consumers said they prefer to bank online over the in-branch experience. 40% of millennials would consider banking without a branch, according to Accenture. While banks have responded to the growing demand for online banking preferences, such as mobile deposit, the big question is what is to become of branch banking?


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