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Anti-SPAM Policy

emfluence™ Anti-Spam Policy

emfluence is an Email Service Provider (ESP) that provides a web-based application which enables emfluence and its clients to send permission-based, transaction-based, or relationship-based emails to customers.

The team at emfluence believes:

  • Email marketing is most effective when the sender’s message is anticipated, personal, and relevant.
  • Sending unsolicited email reduces deliverability and return on investment.
  • Inappropriate use of email generates customer complaints which may damage a sender’s reputation and product brands, as well as affect deliverability.

Commercial email has become regulated under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and subsequent amendments passed in 2008. emfluence requires its application licensees to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Client will not to send unsolicited email via any emfluence application. Accordingly, emfluence licensees must certify to emfluence, as a condition of the emfluence application license, that emails will be sent only to customers and prospects that consent to receive emails from the licensee, and that no unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) will be sent via the emfluence licensed email application.
  • Client will not use rented or purchased address lists, email append lists, or any other list that contains email addresses via any method other than “opt-in” without prior written consent from emfluence. Opt-in means recipients will have agreed to receive emails from emfluence application licensees.
  • Client will comply with all provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and its subsequent amendments, including:
    • Any emails you send or cause to be sent contain accurate identification of the person who initiated the email, and contain accurate routing information, including “from” and “to” addressing information;
    • You will not use a deceptive subject line that will mislead a recipient about the contents or subject matter of an email;
    • You will provide an “opt out” or “unsubscribe” link in any email you send to an addressee;
    • You will provide a privacy policy link in any email you send to an addressee to permit inspection of the privacy policy then in force;
    • You will honor any “opt out” or “unsubscribe” request within 10 days of receipt of any such request;
    • You will not send or cause to be sent any email to any addressee on a suspension list, or who has otherwise opted out from receiving emails from any other sender of email;
    • You will provide your valid physical postal address in every email, including at least your current street address, a post office box you have accurately registered with the US Postal Service, or a private mailbox that you have accurately registered with a commercial mail receiving agency that is established pursuant to US Post Office regulations;
    • All products or serviced marketed by you are legal.

emfluence reserves the right, as a condition of its application license, to review licensees’ customer/client/member lists and emails in order to verify that the opt-in methodology is being consistently used by the emfluence software licensee. Furthermore, emfluence application licensees must agree, as a condition of the emfluence application license, that an “opt-out” system will not be used by the application licensee. Opt-out means recipients must affirmatively act to remove their names from the software licensee’s email address list(s). If a client is found to be acting outside of these terms and conditions, emfluence may immediately terminate client use of emfluence software.

Software licensees are hereby advised that emfluence may, in the future, build into its application a technology for “verified opt-in”. This is part of the website email name collection tools used by emfluence. When someone adds an email address using emfluence name collection tools, that individual will be sent an email asking for verification that he or she wishes to receive email communications from the sender. Only those responding affirmatively to the confirmation request will be opted in for future mailings via the emfluence Emailer application.

If you have any questions about emfluence’s Anti-SPAM Policy or the obligations discussed above, please contact emfluence at 816-472-5643, or email emfluence at